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Lifestyle = mode?

Who can solve this language riddle?

Question: what do a teabag and sex have in common? (Hint: fifty shades of Earl Grey). Alright, another one: what is the connection between trust and a politician? A. nothing, B. zero, or C. They are here for us. And now comes the one-million-euro-question: what do fashion and the word 'lifestyle' have in common? Push the button when you think you know the answer to it ... Read More ›

9 maart 2018

A little round trip

Alright, so the first blog post has arrived. So. The red carpet for the premiere of On The Roads is rolled out. Crush barriers are placed. Security hired. The host on this event is ready. He's got the microphone in his hand and ponders about his lines. Dear readers and visitants. No, that's too formal. Lovely browsers. No man. What about: hey y'all travelers! How d'y'do? No, I ain't got no cowboy hat. Fuck it. What does a good intro matter? ... Read More ›

28 januari 2018