collectieve waanzin

Corona: a case of collective madness

Warning: controversial content. This is a rant about the human psyche, about herd behaviour and about a deep rooted fear for the unknown. Of course this blog article is about the corona virus, because everything is about the corona virus. Why not join the biggest media-snowball ever? Read More

18 March 2020
herstart blog

Back from being gone for a while

Quite some times has passed since the last time I wrote. In the meantime things happened. I fell asleep three hundred and sixty five times, peed while standing seven hundred and eighty eight times, drank five hundred cups of coffee, thought about cricket exactly zero times, ... Read More

13 March 2019

The search for the perfect wave - Diary of a surf nomad

For centuries the ocean has had an enormous attraction on human beings. And still has. For survival, but also for the pleasure of immersing yourself figuratively and literally in and with nature. On the intersection of this enjoying and the everlasting search for the unreachable, surfing originated ... Read More

16 March 2018
Een ode aan Jack Kerouac

An Ode to Jack Kerouac

Today it has been exactly 96 years ago since one the greatest literary cult figures entered the world. Jack Kerouac. Creator of the spark that became the Beat Generation, worshiper of animated living, and allround-tramp. A veil of truth encircles him that makes him in one way or another pretty untouchable ... Read More

12 March 2018
Lifestyle = mode?

Who can solve this language riddle?

Question: what do a teabag and sex have in common? (Hint: fifty shades of Earl Grey). Alright, another one: what is the connection between trust and a politician? A. nothing, B. zero, or C. They are here for us. And now comes the one-million-euro-question: what do fashion and the word 'lifestyle' have in common? Push the button when you think you know the answer to it ... Read More

9 March 2018
El Camino de Santiago

El Camino de Santiago - 4 tips for the modern pilgrim

Northwest Spain is a blind spot in the mental landscape of the collective mind. Hearing the word 'Spain' images will appear of say, Costa del Sol, where the sun always shines but where there is never any vacant space on the beach. Or Barcelona with its iconic buildings and strollings on the Ramblas. Or another spot on the Mediterranean coast with tapas and sangria and cervezas and vinos and luxury appartments and all the comforts of the world ... Read More

13 February 2018
De ultieme trektocht: Everest Base Camp

The ultimate hike: Everest Base Camp

It's a physical as well as a mental challenge. Everyday for three weeks walking for miles on end on the roof of the world. The higher you come, the less oxygen there is. Warnings about possible high altitude sickness above the 3000-meter line are coming at you even before you've started the whole thing. But for those who dare to take the risks, the reward is priceless ... Read More

2 February 2018
Reizen is zoeken naar een levensstijl

A little round trip

Alright, so the first blog post has arrived. So. The red carpet for the premiere of On The Roads is rolled out. Crush barriers are placed. Security hired. The host on this event is ready. He's got the microphone in his hand and ponders about his lines. Dear readers and visitants. No, that's too formal. Lovely browsers. No man. What about: hey y'all travelers! How d'y'do? No, I ain't got no cowboy hat. Fuck it. What does a good intro matter? ... Read More

28 January 2018