Portraits of people with an extraordinary lifestyle- and ideas. This could be in the form of an interview or written by the person in question. The goal is to create a collage that shows the possible means of living differently.

Surfer en zonsondergang

The search for the perfect wave - diary of a surf nomad

For centuries the ocean has had an enormous attraction on human beings. And still has. For survival, but also for the pleasure of immersing yourself figuratively and literally in and with nature. On the intersection of this enjoying and the everlasting search for the unreachable, surfing originated ... Read More ›

16 maart 2018

Een ode aan Jack Kerouac

An Ode to Jack Kerouac

oday it has been exactly 96 years ago since one of the greatest literary cult figures entered the world. Jack Kerouac. Creator of the spark that became the Beat Generation, worshiper of animated living, and allround-tramp. A veil of truth encircles him that makes him in one way or another pretty untouchable ... Read More ›

12 maart 2018